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Residential Funding Strategies

As a culture, Australians love residential property. We strive to reach that goal of purchasing our first home. This can be a daunting process and one we look towards others for help and guidance. We can help.


Our first home is the start. It is also important to have a long-term financial strategy that provides flexibility to support the changes in lifestyle as we grow older towards  a comfortable retirement.


It is important to look at best practice when considering financial strategies for the family home. It is no longer the norm to purchase a home and pay it off over a period of 25 years. With the average property price exceeding $500,000 in major metropolitan centres, owners need to be savvy in how they can structure their finance requirements to save on interest, adapt with their lifestyle over time and provide security.


We understand the pressures and the life changing decisions that occur over the 10 to 25 years that you own your home. We can discuss finance strategies that minimise the impact on your lifestyle whilst empowering you to achieve your goals.

Investment Funding Strategies

Purchasing an investment property is often the second biggest investment decision (behind the family home) that clients consider to build security. This can be an exciting experience dominated by the multiple properties available, however structuring the correct finance strategy will be the most important decision to make to ensure you protect the family home.


Often clients get caught up in the sentiment in buying an investment property, with glitz and glamour a trademark of the property investment sector. At Financing Property, we don’t source investment property stock for clients as we leave that to the experts. We focus on structuring the correct finance strategy that will protect the family home, whilst providing flexibility through structure and the correct lenders to facilitate multiple property transactions.


It is not as simple as finding a lender and purchasing the property. As part of our in depth review with a client, we consider:


• Their long term goals and how we can structure finance strategies to assist


• Mitigate the risk to the family home by ensuring no cross-collateralisation


• Split loan facilities with multiple banks ensuring the best deal whilst meeting the banks “peak exposure limits”


• Consideration of a “worst case scenario” so that you choose which property gets sold, rather than the bank choosing which property is the easiest to sell (often the family home)

Asset Repayment Strategy

Achieving security does not necessarily mean increasing your liabilities by purchasing investment properties. Being secure may be as simple as implementing an “Asset Repayment Strategy” using the proven methodology and intellectual property developed by Financing Property.

By implementing an Asset Repayment Strategy, the team can show you how you can save money from your existing mortgage, without increasing your risk or liabilities.


Buying a family home can be your biggest life time investment, therefore reviewing and regularly assessing your repayment strategy will ensure you reduce non-tax deductible debt and increase the equity available in your home.


Speak to the team at Financing Property to develop an Asset Repayment Strategy today,

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